What is Wordscapes? (Purpose, Functions, Advantages)

Do you want to explore Wordscapes?

Do you know there is a total of 12000 levels in this game? Almost 10 million people are playing this game. PeopleFun developed it. This game has different puzzles with many groups and difficulties.

It provides a user-friendly interface and can run correctly on a computer (Windows, Mac) Mobile (Android & IOS). A player can solve puzzles conveniently without time limitation. If you get stuck at any point, it gives you some hint to solve the mystery.


This game’s primary purpose is to make correct words from different random letters to solve a puzzle. To form a full word, you need to match notes in various directions. There is an option “Hint” that can be used to seek help. To get help, you need to pay with your coins.


It provides the most feasible and user-friendly interface. Everyone (kids, adults) can quickly get this game. It is a more responsive, error-free game. Every level is fast and responsive to the user. Bypassing each level, it becomes more complicated.

There is no time factor in this game. You can easily play whenever you want. If you get stuck at some level, you can use “Wordscapes Answers.”


When you pass a level, you get a chance to earn coins by playing bonus words. Coins are used to get hints and power-ups. Coins game is also including some Master levels. Moreover, Master-level has other categories. Usually, the game has exciting daily challenges. Most of the challenges are more complex, as well.


Do you still have no idea about “What is Wordscapes”? It is the most famous worldwide game. It is a challenging, fun game that contains multiple words and puzzles. When you are done with making words correctly, it fills puzzle boxes automatically. Initial game stages are more accessible

This game has ten incredible locations. These locations are Sunrise, Forest, Canyon, Sky, Tropic, Mountain, winter, Flora, autumn, and Jungle. It relaxes your mind.

If you’re scrabble game lover then you should try Word Unscrambler and Descrambler to win a game easily.


It is user friendly. Everyone can easily handle it. It can be played on PC and mobile as well. It is a game of add free with safe content. It is a free mobile game. You never get bored at any level of the game. It is a 2D game with colorful graphics. You get amazed by visiting the beautiful locations. It was initially developed for androids, but later on, it was introduced for PC users.


  • Enhance your vocabulary
  • Improve your social skills
  • Entertaining
  • Improvement in productivity
  • More feasible


In this article, we talked about “What is Wordscapes.” Wordscapes is an outstanding puzzle game that is designed to entertain all age groups of people.

Nowadays, technology has a significant impact on kids and us as well. It’s a great source of learning and entertainment. It is the most famous game which you must suggest to your children.

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